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We dye many of  our white garments to your order specifications. We have washing machines dedicated by color. We have a lot of experience dying things but unfortunately the dying process is not an exact science. Even when we precisely measure the dye there are slight color variations batch by batch. We strongly urge you to purchase items you would like to wear as a matching set at the same time so they can be dyed in the same batch. If you order a bra one month and then a girdle the next month there is a good chance they will not match exactly. We wish this was not the case but we know from experience that it is. This is one of the many reasons that so many other sites have discontinued their dying services.

Please note that different fabrics absorb the dye differently. Satin absorbs the color very well and the colors are generally very rich but for instance the heavy fabric and the lace on the garments don't absorb as much of the dye, even when we dye them a second time. There are often cases that items just don't dye well at all and we are unable to sell them. The overhead we carry offering the dying service is why dying is priced the way it is.


You can dye your own garments at home. We recommend RIT dye and reading their instructions. Just be aware that if you dye an older garment that has been washed a lot with a brand new item even in the same batch the garments will absorb the dye very differently and you might be disappointed in the outcome. I was the first time it happened to me!


We charge a 30 percent restocking fee on returned or exchanged items that have been dyed by us since they are dyed to order and will be difficult to sell. We really want you to love the fit of your garment so if you have any questions or doubts about fit please feel free to reach out to us prior to placing your order.


Please hand wash your dyed pieces and like with other lingerie never put them in the dryer.




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